Tell the Canadian government: invest in science, invest in our future.

Science matters. With a strong federal partner, researchers can create the knowledge we need to improve the quality of life for all Canadians, and help face local and global challenges. 

After a decade of neglect, the Liberal government promised to restore science’s important role in creating a prosperous and innovative country.  Thanks to the Advisory Panel on Federal Support for Fundamental Science, we know what needs to be done. 

Fair Copyright

The federal Parliament is reviewing the Copyright Act. It is essential that academic staff make their voices heard during this process.

Copyright law regulates an essential part of academic life - the creation, ownership and use of literary and artistic works. Because of the law’s importance, educators have worked hard to successfully ensure it serves the public good – protecting both the creators and users of material and allowing ready access to learning and research content. In contrast, large corporate publishers have pushed in the opposite direction, determined to establish legislation that allows them to maximize profit by restricting access to material.

Now, as Parliament undertakes its copyright review, the education community’s past success must be defended, and new rights advanced. CAUT and academic staff from across Canada are advocating for fair copyright.

Tell the Canadian government copyright matters