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CFS/CAUT Copyright Public Service Announcement

Good morning/afternoon/evening. I have a quick public service announcement about copyright.

Why copyright?

Because there are people who think you should pay more for textbooks.

Right now, these people are putting enormous pressure on the federal government and Members of Parliament to make copyright law more restrictive – so that the publishing industry can charge more for textbooks, journal subscriptions, and other educational material.

It’s important for students, professors, and librarians to push back against this.

Copyright law impacts the cost of textbooks, the accessibility of academic journals, and how easily videos or photographs can be displayed in the classroom.

To ensure the law remains fair, there are 3 immediate things you can do:

  1. Sign the fair copyright petition at
  2. Tweet a photo of your textbook receipts to your MP, and tell them you are paying too much for textbooks already. Use the hashtag #faircopyright. 
  3. Write a letter to your MP and briefly tell them you care about copyright, don’t want more restrictions, and that you vote.

So, sign the petition, tweet your textbook receipts, and write your MP.

Thank you for your time.

More information is available on the CFS and CAUT websites.

Backgrounder – CFS/CAUT Copyright Public Service Announcement


The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) are encouraging students, librarians and professors to make a brief announcement about copyright at the start of the first or second class, seminar, or study group during Fair Dealing Week 2023 (February 20-24).


Lobbyists for commercial textbook publishers and other representatives of the private content industry have been loudly calling on the federal government to change the rules governing the creation, ownership and use of literary and artistic works.

Their desire is to see a more restrictive Copyright Act, one that cuts down on the rights of the education community to create, access and share material – paving the way to increase costs on students even more.

To ensure the Copyright Act remains fair, it is important for the college and university sector to make its voice heard in this process. CFS and CAUT are working together on a grassroots advocacy campaign to counter the professional lobbying efforts of the publishers.


As part of this campaign, TAs, professors, lecturers and librarians are encouraged to take a brief moment at the start of class to make the Copyright Public Service Announcement (PSA).

Likewise, students are encouraged to approach the person leading the class and request permission to make the announcement. The PSA is meant to be a minimally intrusive, brief introduction to the copyright issue, one that will spark interest and action but will not disrupt the class.

Presentation of the Copyright Public Service Announcement is at the complete discretion of the person leading the class.