Fair Dealing Week 2024

February 26 – March 1

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) has long advocated for the protection and expansion of #FairCopyright rules that work for educators, students, researchers and the Canadian public.

Fair Dealing / Fair Use Week is an international celebration of an important part of copyright law that helps to balance the interests of users and owners while supporting access to information and knowledge.

This year it is particularly important that we spread the message about the importance of fair dealing in Canada.

As of January 1, 2023, the Canadian government has extended copyright protection for an additional 20 years. That means works that would have entered the public domain will remain outside for another 20 years – stalling the ability of Canadians to interact freely with works from authors including Gabrielle Roy, Margaret Laurence, Glenn Gould and others.

This is the result of Canadian concessions to American demands during NAFTA renegotiations – likely fueled by Hollywood lobbyists and big industrial content producers such as commercial textbook publishers.

Meanwhile, textbook publishers and other industry groups have been lobbying the federal government to roll back copyright laws that support the education sector. Their goal is to increase their corporate profits on the backs of students.

What can you do?

  • Send a letter to the cabinet ministers that oversee Canada’s copyright laws
  • Read the public service announcement at the beginning of your class, lecture, seminar or tutorial to help spread the word
  • Post this poster on campus about your copy(rights)
  • Get crafty by building a kaleidocycle about fair dealing and sharing it with friends

On social media

  • Make noise and re-share CAUT’s shareables using #fairdealingworks #faircopyright and #fairdealingweek
  • Take a picture of yourself with a paper, book, article or other creation that you made. Post the photo online with the tagline “I’m a creator and I support fair dealing” while tagging @CAUT_ACPPU

Read and share

Other resources

  • fair-dealing.ca
    The Canadian post-secondary sector, including CAUT, has joined together to form a coalition to resist corporate interests that want to roll-back fair dealing
  • fairuseweek.org
    This website collects events and efforts happening in the USA, Canada and the UK to celebrate Fair Dealing / Fair Use Week